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Douglas St Brides Community Group - South Lanarkshire

Douglas St Brides Community Group provides educational and recreational opportunities to people in the village of Douglas. It is run by a nine person strong Board of Management which oversees the running of  St Brides Community Centre in Douglas.  St Brides Centre

The centre is used by a host of groups and contains a gym and a community café, the latter subcontracted to South Lanarkshire Council, which runs the café as a training facility for adults with learning disabilities.  The group also rents and runs a charity shop based in Main Street of Douglas, staffed by volunteers. It is looking at the potential of purchasing it along with an adjacent shop. 

Twice a year, the St Brides Centre has a Programme Launch event where the community can find out about, sign up to and suggest ideas for, activities at the centre. This engagement is complimented by the group's regular newsletter, email updates, publicity brochure, facebook page and website. 

The organisation is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee, and the Board is supported by around 30 volunteers who help run the centre and its associated charity shop.


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