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East Haven Together - Angus

East Haven Together was established as a Scottish Incorporated Charitable Organisation (SCIO) in July 2015, replacing East Haven Residents' Association as the local community body representing the aims and aspirations of East Haven, a small fishing village in Angus.

Wee Gallery in East HavenThe aims of the group centre on developing and maintaining a sustainable community through protecting and promoting the heritage and natural environment of East Haven and serving the needs and interests of residents.

Membership is open to all those who share these aims. One of the reasons for the group’s change in name was that there are many people who don’t live in East Haven but for a variety of reasons feel a close connection and who have invested something of themselves in the community.  

The group’s work has contributed to East Haven recently winning the Beautiful Scotland Gold Award and Jim Murdie Sustainability Award.  The group has also successfully entered into a Community Partnership with Angus Council to keep open East Haven’s public toilets, which had previously been redeveloped into a heritage point  called the 'wee gallery'.  The Council has since provided a small budget for cleaning and maintenance and a much enhanced service has been provided as a result.


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