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Eyemouth & District Community Trust – Scottish Borders

Eyemouth & District Initiative Group was set up in 2011 by a group of volunteers wishing to help improve and promote the area. After a series of open meetings, public consultation and an EGM, Eyemouth & District EDCT logoCommunity Trust (EDCT) was formed in December 2012.

Through its members, the Trust engages in practical projects to improve and promote Eyemouth & District.  One major project is the redevelopment of the “Auld Merket” (formerly Eyemouth’s Fishmarket) which involved the obtaining of the lease for this asset. This is being converted into a community space which can be used for fruit/veg market, craft markets, music venue, performing space, various training courses and lots more.  Another initiative is the Vision for Eyemouth (V4E) group bringing together organisations, members of the public and interested parties to work together on a strategic plan for Eyemouth.  This will help inform the development and regeneration of the town. 

These projects have been identified through consultation, questionnaires and public meetings about what is needed to improve the town for the community and visitors.  The Trust is managed by a Board of Charity Trustees elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting.  EDCT aims to include a cross-section of local interests including young people, environmental interests, businesses and other groups in the area.  The Board of Trustees meets once a month and are responsible for the activities of the company.           


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