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Finn's Place - Glasgow

Taking its name from a cat who was rescued and given a new home, Finn’s Place is a wellbeing project in the Southside of Glasgow that provides a supportive environment for local people to come together, grow, make friendships and tackle isolation and stress.

The project provides a range of activities to this end, including a range of meditation, exercise and singing classes.  Finn’s Place has its own gardens and a quiet space within the building, both of which are aimed at Activity at Finn's place - Photo by Andrew O'Brien photographybenefiting physical and mental wellbeing, and which anyone is welcome to come in and use.  Financial advice, personality profiling (mbti) and ESOL – English as a Second Language services are also provided.  Where possible, activities are provided at low cost or for free to enable as wide a range of people as possible to take part.

As well as regular activities, Finn’s Place also plans wellbeing-promoting events that facilitate connecting with others, learning something new, getting involved in the community, being active and taking notice of what is going on around us.  These include away days, cultural events, health and wellbeing events and celebrations.


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