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Fraserburgh Development Trust

Fraserburgh Development Trust (FDT) is a community owned not for profit organisation with Charitable Status, which was set up with initial funding from the Council to replace the previous European Union funded Aberdeenshire Towns Partnership Project.

The Trust is run by volunteer directors elected by the membership and has a small staff team, manager,  office supervisor and volunteers.   FDT is set up to manage or support projects which provide services or amenities for the local communities in the local area.

Certain areas of the north of Fraserburgh fare poorly in the most recent SIMD figures.  The Trust's regeneration projects include the establishment of a community garden, a community cinema project based at one of the local primary schools and the Giving Tree project, a festive campaign to provide donated Christmas presents to households on low income.Fraserburgh Development Trust Community Hub

In partnership with the local business association, the Trust has developed a series of themed family events providing entertainment and market stalls, which have boosted local businesses and assisted start-up firms.  The Trust intends to aquire a local bakery and to operate it as a social firm, providing the local community with employment and  training opportunities.  It is currently generating funding to support community consultation around, and design of, the bakery and training facility.

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