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Glasgow Asylum Destitution Action Network

Comprising a range of individuals and organisations (including Scottish Refugee Council, Refugee Survival Group, Positive Action in Housing, and the Integration Networks), Glasgow Asylum Destitution Action Network's key purposes are to share information and avoid duplication of services in order to better meet the needs of destitute asylum seekers in Scotland.

The network tackles issues facing asylum seekers who have been refused asylum but who prefer to live here in destitution rather than return to their country of origin to face persecution, torture or death.

GlasgowThe network has established a night shelter for destitute asylum seekers – this is now running separately with its own identity. It has also produces a leaflet for destitute asylum seekers with information on sources of support, and delivers training to destitute asylum seekers.

The network meets regularly to share information, develop project responses, produce information and organise training.


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