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Halfway Community Council - South Lanarkshire

Halfway Community Council in Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire is made up of 18 local community members, elected or co-opted to ascertain, co-ordinate and reflect the views of the community.

Over recent years community facilities in the area have been depleted.  Existing facilities such as the sports centre, boxing club and community hall have all been closed with buildings demolished.  For instance, the community hall (Gilbertfield) ran out of funding and was demolished.

As a result HCC has pro-actively worked with a range of other local groups on a number of programmes designed to increase community activity and stimulate regeneration.  For instance, the group has collaborated on projects around alcohol and young people, involving team building activities and a photo exhibition at the Scottish Parliament.  The group has also organised community engagement events to identify community priorities.

In the long term, the Community Council would like to develop better facilities in the area, particularly for young people, and is also considering becoming a development trust.



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