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The Libertie Project – Inverness

Better Off projectThe Libertie Project is a social enterprise in Inverness that runs arts and crafts activities for offenders and those affected by crime. 

Activities are used as a therapeutic medium to improve general health and well-being, develop pre-employability skills and reduce re-offending throughout the Highlands.  Each creative activity is designed to meet individual needs and provide a safe environment to engage in a positive activity which helps to boost self-esteem and connect with others.

In addition to offenders, Libertie works with those at risk of offending, their families and victims of crime.  The project works independently with vulnerable groups in the community and in partnership with local Criminal and Community Justice Providers and other Third Sector Organisations.

An example of the Libertie Project’s work is the piloting of a new way of tackling poverty locally by providing bags of non-food essentials.  Funded by the Community Capacity and Resilience Fund, the idea is to help people to make the most of the money they have on priority spending, therefore preventing reaching crisis point through poverty.



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