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Lifelink - Glasgow

Lifelink logoLifelink is a long-established charitable organisation delivering stress, mental and emotional management services for young people and adults.  Lifelink seeks to reduce people's need for illness services by supporting people to make positive changes in their lives that improve their quality of life in a lasting way.

Services are targeted particularly (but not exclusively) in areas of high deprivation and for people and communities most affected by health inequalities. They include one-to-one support, youth support, group programmes, support to businesses, custodial care services and community-based stress services.

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In all its service provision, Lifelink provides a high-quality, person-centred service based on the social model of health and takes a community development approach. To ensure this, Lifelink works extensively in building and maintain high quality partnerships and relationships with a large range of strategic and delivery partners and networks.


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