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Lochside Neighbourhood Group - South Ayrshire

Lochside Neighbourhood Group logoIn 2012, local residents from the Lochside area of South Ayrshire identified a need for a more co-ordinated, meaningful approach to involving local people in improving the neighbourhood. At the same time, South Ayrshire Council and other partners gave a commitment to work together with local people and third sector organisations to design services together in the area.

Three local residents came together with South Ayrshire Council’s Head of Service and community development/engagement staff. Since then, the group has developed into a multi- partnership forum with representation from local residents of all ages, third sector organisations, faith groups, the private and public sector organisations. Lochside cleanup organised by the Neighbourhood GroupAfter extensive community consultation, a community action plan was developed based on what local people said mattered to them.  Actions ranged from developing a Keep Lochside Tidy campaign to initiating new housing developments.

This foundation, rooted in the values and principles of community development and co-production, enabled the group to work together in a meaningful, effective, efficient and productive way with a broad range of services. There is now a broad range of projects and initiatives which are improving the overall health, wellbeing and quality of life of local people of all ages. This has led to much better links across the community and a strengthened community which are actively involved in making the future of their area a much better one. There have been 340 residents of all ages involved in local initiatives and 140 local residents kept informed vie the group's Facebook page.

Visit Lochside Neighbourhood Group’s Facebook page for more information.

A more in-depth case study of the group is available on the Scottish Co-production Network website.

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