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Punjabi Junction - Edinburgh

Punjabi Junction is a community café in Leith, Edinburgh, run by Sikh Sanjog, that aims to inspire and empower Sikh and other Minority Ethnic women to advance their own life opportunities through the building of skills, confidence and social inclusion.Staff standing outside Punjabi Junction

Formerly known as Punjab'n De Rasoi, the café opened in March 2010 to provide minority ethnic women with training and employment opportunities to develop confidence and reduce social exclusion. The café also aspires to promote and sustain the Sikh culture in Edinburgh

The great initial success of the café led to a relaunch as Punjabi Junction. Its design is intended to recreate the atmosphere of an old Indian train and its stations and should enable visitors to take a step back in time and possibly a new cultural experience. Punjabi junction offers a blend of traditional Punjabi, home cooked cuisines and inspiring social enterprise. The atmosphere is friendly and full of laughter and warmth.

The café also offers cookery classes, outside catering and of course a fantastic experience of dishes packed with spice. As a social enterprise, the charity reinvests any profit to support core activities.


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