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South Ayrshire Seniors Forum

South Ayrshire Seniors Forum (SASF) exists to support and represent the population of senior citizens in South Ayrshire, especially in relation to their welfare and well-being, as they live, work, retire and enjoy life in Ayr and the surrounding area.

The Forum believes that, amongst all those people aged over fifty in South Ayrshire, there are many who are willing to make valuable contributions to the qualitySASF logo of life of their communities, benefiting others as well as themselves - bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge, awareness of issues or concerns, often identifying specific needs, frequently getting involved and participating in purposeful and sociable activities.

SASF became a charity in January 2012 with support from South Ayrshire Council community engagement workers. The group has regular road shows across South Ayrshire to provide information and to engage in consultation in  order to examine barriers for local people and to help identify their priorities.  This knowledge helps the group to campaign for older people and represent them in consultations and planning groups.


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