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Stepping Out - East Lothian

Stepping Out is a mental health charity based in North Berwick Community Centre, which provides recovery focused groups for adults living with mental health problems.

Stepping Out gives people the opportunity to get involved in various food-based activities that promote physical health and social well-being. Participants are involved in decision-making around the activities they Stepping Out participants in the Healing Gardentake part in, helping people to feel included and valued. Activities include supper clubs, art workshops, and walking groups. Building skills and knowledge around growing food is central to all the projects.

One of the most prominent Stepping Out initiatives is the Healing Garden which was designed and created from wilderness. Participants grow their own food which is then cooked and eaten at lunch and supper clubs, so that people have a direct input into every aspect of their meals. They are encouraged to try to grow things at home no matter how small their space, and many people also benefit from being able to take the produce home to cook with.

In 2014 Stepping Out started to produce short ‘how-to’ recipes; these are posted on YouTube for people to refer to if they want to make the dishes at home. Future plans include producing a recipe book using art and photography by members.  


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