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Support in mind Scotland

Support in Mind Scotland is a Mental Health Charity working to improve the quality of life for anyone whose mental health problems or mental illness has a serious impact on their life and on the lives of other, including family members, friends and supporters.

They believe:

  • That every individual has the right to be valued, and to share in the opportunities, enjoyment, challenges, responsibilities and choices of everyday life
  • That those who experience mental illness, and mental health problems, their families and carers and friends, are entitled to quality support in the community or in hospital, or in their own homes as they choose
  • That those who need care and support should be enabled to play an active role in the decisions that impact on them
  • That people affected by serious illnesses, like schizophrenia, have a specialised knowledge and expertise, which will be reflected in all that we do

They run many diverse projects and support services as well as campaigns at national level.

2019 has been a fantastic year so far for the organisation, as Support in Mind Scotland has been selected from more than 370 organisations across the UK as one of 10 winners of the prestigious 2019 GSK IMPACT Awards, recognised for excellence across their services. The charity’s supporter Laura Reid was also named Charity Champion in the 2019 Scottish Charity Awards. Read more about it here

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