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Tribe Porty – Edinburgh

Tribe Porty is a community coworking and event space in Portobello which supports people in work, art and quality of life through connectivity. This is done through practical opportunities and encouraging connections through Photo provided by Tribe Portya variety of activities. Tribe’s work is based on their conviction that people powered health not only brings transformational change, but also economic benefits to individuals and communities.

Tribe provides affordable work spaces and co-working opportunities and works on multi-disciplinary creative projects. These include: Tribe Porty Youth Theatre – a growing theatre company made up of children aged 5–18; Trade School Edinburgh – an alternative community classroom based on barter; TEDxPortobello - a locally organised TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) conference aiming to spread good ideas; Tribe Porty Creative Circle – a series of workshops to help you embrace your creativity with a like-minded community; Portobello Art School – an art school for adults and children; Tribe Families- a collective of teachers and trained practitioners who offer a variety of classes and workshops for all stages of family life. 

The space is a central point for the community to connect with what is happening in the local area. Tribe aims to support any and all local groups, clubs and interests.


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